Source code for tamr_unify_client.auth.username_password

from __future__ import absolute_import

from base64 import b64encode

from requests.auth import HTTPBasicAuth
from requests.utils import to_native_string

def _basic_auth_str(username, password):
    auth = f"{username}:{password}"
    encoded = b64encode(auth.encode("latin1"))
    return "BasicCreds " + to_native_string(encoded.strip())

[docs]class UsernamePasswordAuth(HTTPBasicAuth): """Provides username/password authentication for Tamr. Specifically, sets the `Authorization` HTTP header with Tamr's custom `BasicCreds` format. :param str username: :param str password: Usage: >>> from tamr_unify_client.auth import UsernamePasswordAuth >>> auth = UsernamePasswordAuth('my username', 'my password') >>> import tamr_unify_client as api >>> unify = api.Client(auth) """ def __init__(self, username, password): super(self.__class__, self).__init__(username, password) def __call__(self, r): r.headers["Authorization"] = _basic_auth_str(self.username, self.password) return r def __repr__(self): # intentionally leave out password (potentially sensitive) return ( f"{self.__class__.__module__}." f"{self.__class__.__qualname__}(" f"username={self.username!r})" )