Contributor guide

Thank you for learning how to contribute to Tamr’s Python Client! Your contribution will help you and many others in the Tamr community. Before you begin, make sure you are viewing the latest version of Contributor Guide.


Before submitting a new issue, you can search existing issues. If the bug/feature has been submitted already, leave a like 👍 on the description of the Github Issue. Maintainers will consider number of likes when prioritizing issues.

Bug reports

Submit bug reports as Github issues.

Feature requests

Submit feature requests as Github issues.

Release process

Releases are automated by semantic-release.


Maintainer responsabilities:

  • Triage issues

  • Review + merge pull requests

  • Discuss RFCs

  • Publish new releases

Current maintainers:

Want to become a maintainer? Open a pull request that adds your name to the list of current maintainers!