Source code for tamr_unify_client.models.dataset.collection

from tamr_unify_client.models.base_collection import BaseCollection
from tamr_unify_client.models.dataset.resource import Dataset

[docs]class DatasetCollection(BaseCollection): """Collection of :class:`~tamr_unify_client.models.dataset.resource.Dataset` s. :param client: Client for API call delegation. :type client: :class:`~tamr_unify_client.Client` :param api_path: API path used to access this collection. E.g. ``"projects/1/inputDatasets"``. Default: ``"datasets"``. :type api_path: str """ def __init__(self, client, api_path="datasets"): super().__init__(client, api_path)
[docs] def by_resource_id(self, resource_id): """Retrieve a dataset by resource ID. :param resource_id: The resource ID. E.g. ``"1"`` :type resource_id: str :returns: The specified dataset. :rtype: :class:`~tamr_unify_client.models.dataset.resource.Dataset` """ return super().by_resource_id("datasets", resource_id)
[docs] def by_relative_id(self, relative_id): """Retrieve a dataset by relative ID. :param relative_id: The resource ID. E.g. ``"datasets/1"`` :type relative_id: str :returns: The specified dataset. :rtype: :class:`~tamr_unify_client.models.dataset.resource.Dataset` """ return super().by_relative_id(Dataset, relative_id)
[docs] def stream(self): """Stream datasets in this collection. Implicitly called when iterating over this collection. :returns: Stream of datasets. :rtype: Python generator yielding :class:`~tamr_unify_client.models.dataset.resource.Dataset` Usage: >>> for dataset in # explicit >>> do_stuff(dataset) >>> for dataset in collection: # implicit >>> do_stuff(dataset) """ return super().stream(Dataset)
[docs] def by_name(self, dataset_name): """Lookup a specific dataset in this collection by exact-match on name. :param dataset_name: Name of the desired dataset. :type dataset_name: str :return: Dataset with matching name in this collection. :rtype: :class:`~tamr_unify_client.models.dataset.resource.Dataset` :raises KeyError: If no dataset with specified name was found. """ for dataset in self: if == dataset_name: return dataset raise KeyError(f"No dataset found with name: {dataset_name}")